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Kool Drum Super Nova, 18 notes, double-sided, Melog Selisir-Golden Gate tuning
Kool Drum Super Nova, 18 notes, double-sided, Shiraz-Hijazkiar tuning
Kool Drum Super Nova, 18 notes, double-sided, Golden Gate_Ursa Minor tuning
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hand crafted quality steel tongue drums

The super-nova is a double-sided version of the nova  with 18 notes in two different tunings. As usual we made various prototypes using different damping options until we were satisfied. We chose tunings which included several notes in common so as to facilitate a sympathetic resonance of notes on the lower side when playing notes on the upper side. This gives a beautiful, natural and unusual reverberation effect which seems to move around in the resonating space. It is slightly quieter than the nova as some of the energy generated when playing is used by the vibrating lower notes. The other option is to place the super-nova on a cushion thereby damping the lower notes completely; you then have a sound almost identical to a nova. For tuning options go to       tunings 

You can contact us for custom choices or any other questions.

The paintwork of the super-nova is similar to the nova in that the notes are highlighted; on the super-nova we use a foundation colour of water-based metallic paint and on one side we highlight the notes, the other side we highlight the central part of the chassis (with the same colour)      paint options

Here is a video demonstrating the super-nova;

Thanks to Michael Colley for his hand pan player' s advice.




Follow the links to see and hear some super-novas ;

kool drum super-nova  melog selisir-golden gate tuning

kool drum super-nova shiraz-hijazkiar tuning

kool drum super-nova golden gate-ursa minor tuning