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hand crafted quality steel tongue drums

Building on the success of the kool drum ‘Classic’ we turned our attention to the handpan family of instruments starting with the famous Swiss model and now including the Halo, SPB, Bellarts and so on. We had comments from players of these instruments that the ‘Classic’ was hard to adjust to as the layout of the notes was not compatible. 

After several prototypes we settled on the format of the ‘nova’, 9 notes with a  bass note and a left-right progression familiar to handpan players around the world. The layout is offset from centre ensuring that the notes stay within a specified distance from the vertical edge. This enables an optimum note position for sound, playability and aesthetic criteria. Scales to suit the nova have been researched corresponding to the handpan family, from the ever popular Pygmy and Hijaz to the innovative Golden Gate .



To ensure a look corresponding with the new scales and sound we found a water-based metallic paint that has a great finish and range of metals in suspension, from gold to copper, brass to silver or red copper to dark gold.

The combinations are endless and adding coloured tints adds to the possibilities for the discerning customer. A resistant varnish finishes each kool drum to ensure that it stays beautiful.

     paint options

To protect and carry your kool drum we have created a bag with both a shoulder strap and a comfortable rubber handle. The bag consists of a heavy duty nylon shell lined with synthetic fur and incorporating a hard wearing 360° zip. There is also a cushion included so that you can play your kool drum on any surface, and a pocket to carry your mallets and accessories.



Thanks to Michael Colley for his hand pan player' s advice.