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What is the difference between a nova and a classic kool drum?

The classic kool drum is the model that we started making 2 years ago, it has 8 notes arranged in a circle, 4 tunings and colourful metallic paint (see classic page). The nova has 9 notes laid out like a handpan with unique tunings and paint (see nova page).

Do you still use recycled gas bottles to make the kool drum?

No, we decided it is important to have a consistent sound and many of the old bottles were rusty and the steel ‘weak’. We sourced new steel shells that give us a brilliant sound and purer notes and you can be sure exactly what you will get when you order a kool drum. It means the price is a bit higher but the quality is absolutely worth the investment.

What are the different tunings and colours available?

Go to Scales page for the tunings, and go to Shop page for the standard colours available.

Can the kool drum be played with the hands as well as the mallets supplied?

Yes, the kool drum can be played with either the hands, tapping briefly with the pads of the fingers and/or thumbs. The sound varies with the force of the tap and the style of play.

What are the dimensions of the kool drum?

The height of the kool drum is 20cm, diameter is 30cm. and shipping weight is about 5.7Kg.

Can you make me a custom scale and custom paint colour?

Yes, of course, to play with fixed tuning instruments the kool drum can be tuned to a scale of your choice. Be aware that the range of notes available are from C3 to A4, above this the ‘tongues’ cannot resonate correctly. Colours can be chosen to suit your requirements, subject to the paint available. Please note that there will be a small supplement to cover added costs and time.

How do you send the kool drum and to which countries?

kool drums are sent to anywhere in the world. We use the very reliable French Postal sevice ‘Colissimo ’ . The drum is carefully packed in a custom box with protective bubble-wrap to ensure that it arrives just as it left here. So far all deliveries have arrived in perfect condition and in good time.  Delivery to France is free. Please contact us for the latest delivery cost to other countries.

How do I choose the scale that suits me, I am not a musician and I’m not sure I will be able to learn the technique?

The kool drum classic is tuned to scales that are consonant, which is to say that all the notes sound good together so you cannot play a false note. Many people say that learning to play is easy and each person finds their own technique. It is part of the fun of buying a kool drum. The novas tunings are more adventurous, but still easy to master...

How can I pay for my kool drum?

In Europe the easiest, most secure and fastest way to pay is by international bank transfer (IBAN-BIC). You can do this from home if you have internet banking facilities, usually with no fee, otherwise at your bank. For people outside the Euro zone you can pay by Paypal, you need to have a Paypal account with a verified delivery address. After receiving your order we will let you know delivery cost to your country.

Can I return my kool drum if I am not happy with my purchase?

Yes, if you are not happy with your kool drum, you can return it at your cost in the same condition and box as it left us. Refunds for the purchace price less postage will have the Ebay and Paypal sales commissions deducted if sold by that method. It must be said that this has never happened and we don’t expect it to, everybody loves their kool drum (see the comments page).

Why do people buy the kool drum rather than other, cheaper versions?

The kool drum has been successful for several reasons. The very extensive development of the exclusive acoustic damper coupled with precision tuning means that the notes vibrate without the unwanted vibrations of the chassis giving a smooth, even sound. The kool drum is used in many domains and is very popular in healing for its perfect resonance with the human body. A well known music-therapist in the UK who has a room full of instruments prefers the kool drum for work with his autistic students as the notes are clear and calming.

 I work with autistic students in France, and use my C minor and D major kool drums together to give me most chord possibilities.

What are the mallets made of?

After much research we have selected medium-hard rubber balls in a selection of interesting colours to match the kool drums. These are securely glued to varnished 8mm beech-wood sticks chosen for the ease of handling and matching the weight of the rubber. The mallets are supplied with each drum at no extra cost.

If your questions are still unanswered, please contact us, and we will do our best... kooldrum@gmail.com

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