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Mais c'est génial !

Je suis très contente, je ne l'imaginais pas aussi beau et volumineux malgré mes

fréquentes visites sur votre site internet.

Je l'ai testé, c'est top !

Nathalie. (France)

What can I say…AWESOME – in every single respect I’m absolutely thrilled with the Nova. It arrived yesterday, and I took it up to school this morning – I wanted to open it and play it for the first time in my Music Therapy room. The very first thing that was a delight to behold was the colour and the size – Because it was 9 notes, I was expecting it to be bigger, but the size is so perfect – ‘understated’ in a way, and my goodness you got the combination of Green and Gold just right…

Then I lifted it out of the box, and seriously, I knew immediately, before even playing it, by the weight and craftsmanship, that this was a significant improvement on the originals.

Then I found the case and beaters – and yet again was really delighted with the quality of materials and workmanship – SO professional and far more robust and well mad than the HAPI cases…and then the perfect addition of the Skull cap (!!) well the mat…what a brilliant idea, and it just makes the whole package so complete and seductive!

And then to the moment ‘we’ve all been waiting for’!!! In the presence of a colleague (the IT specialist for our school whose office is next door to my room and who has taken such a delight in hearing and learning about the various instruments I bring from time to time) I played each note in turn…and it sent a kind of musical shiver down my spine! BEAUTIFUL – so warm, so melancholic, so mystical, so musical, tender and intriguing at the same time…

I feel I’ve learned to play the Kool well over the last year or two, so when I sat down to work with it today, and began to discover the nuances, the harmonics, the possibilities with combinations of notes, I just rejoiced in the sound that I know I will be working with very often with my wonderful, challenging community of children and young people…and yes, I started already today, and Kool Nova will feature much in the days, weeks and months ahead!

Gillian,Jimmy – many, many congratulations and THANK-YOU!!!!

Adrien (UK)

Hi Gillian,

kool drum arrived - sounds great, thank you!

Wish you a good busieness and have a nice weekend,

best wishes from Karlsbad,

Harald (Germany)

Dear Gillian,

It arrived!!

Thank you so much for a smooth and simple transaction, the drum is perfect and we

are going to enjoy many hours of composition using this and various other

complementary instruments.

Please thanks all involved in the process on our behalf...

Warm wishes

Ruth and Steve (UK)


We got the Kool Drum from post yesterday and really, i am already running

out of superlatives. The sound is waaaay more powerful thank i thought that

it would actually be. Its just absolutely great, thank you so much!

And yes, the blue colour is exactly perfect, despite my confusing

descriptions about the shade :)  we just might be returning customers... ill definitely recommend Kool Drum when i get the chance!

Thank you!

Iivari (Finland)

Hi Gillian

I just wanted to let you know that i have both drums and they are great --

I thought I'd be able to play them like the Hang but it seems that you

really need to use the sticks to get the tone right….by the way

the quality of the bags and drums are fantastic!

Thanks again

Tom (USA)

De Antoinette van de Ark,  Pays-Bas le 29.04.10

My Kool Drum has arrived!

He is really great. He looks good and the sound is really good.

I love him, and my son also. I am very happy with my Kool Drum.

And, it was a great surprise to find a pair of mullets ? in the package. I almost missed them. We never talked about it and I did not know if they were included. Saves me a trip to the store today, between packing for the holidays.

Have a nice weekend and thank you very much for everything


De Marike Bol, Pays-Bas, le 29.05.10

 My Kool Drum arrived this morning. WAUW, is my first reaction! I´m so happy with my new friend. My family and I were still suprised with the sound of the Kool Drum, it´s amazing!

Thank you so much! I will soon send photos of the children in my class who play the Kool Drum. Children with difficult behaviors will be benefit by playing this instrument. I will  to promote the Kool Drum with my colleagues... maybe they like the Kool Drum ass well, and maybe they will order a Kool Drum!

Have a nice weekend!

Kind regards,

Marike Bol

The Netherland

De Jean-Jacques Phal, France, le 27.02.10

Happy new year full of Kool Drums...

Je t'envoie 2 photos de notre 1er concert où le Kool Drum a enfin été intégré.

Je l'utilise sur une intro de morceau (chanté en sicilien)

puis je le boucle et il revient plus tard en solo

en écoute sur :


le titre s'appelle : Cu Nasci Tunnu

Le public a adoré...

J'ai fait un speech de présentation en te nommant et en causant des vertus de cet instrument...


Salut, Voilà, j'ai enfin pu aller chercher le précieux colis qui m'attendait !

Je suis ravie, il est très beau, le rouge est dans la tonalité que j'espérais. Il sonne parfaitement.

Je ne l'ai pas encore offert, j'attends le mois prochain, c'est son anniversaire. Je te dirais ce qu'en pense le musicien !

A très bientôt.

Merci et Bravo pour ton invention tellement..... Drum !

Kool Bises


Bonjour, je suis l'heureux propiétaire du Kool Drum numéroté 006.

ma compagne, me l'a offert pour mon anniversaire et ce fut un magnifique cadeau !

Toutes mes félicitations, c'est un chouette instrument que j'aurai sûrement l'occasion d'utiliser en spectacle.



Il est bien arrivé le bébé...

très bien emballé..

Chouette en gris métallisé... j'aime beaucoup...

Tu vas recevoir des commandes de Reims.

Nos copains percussionnistes adorent....



Tu es un magicien...

j'ai fait une séance ce matin avec 20 enfants... UN TRIP!!!

Rideaux fermés, lumière éteinte, obscurité, vibrations sur le ventre, sur la tête...


J'ai une collègue qui va sûrement bientôt t'en commander un.



Hi  Kool drum arrived on Tuesday. I love it,it sounds great. Been playing it non stop. In fact everybody loves it. Am I right in thinking that you come over for the Edinburgh festival? If so I would get you to bring me another one in Eminor. I'm assuming you bring some to sell. I'm delighted with it. Nice work. Love the psychadaelic beaters as well. If you are coming to Edinburgh at all we should meet up for a beer and talk shop. I'll keep you posted on what I'm doing with the drum. Many thanks.


HI ,I get a lot of quiet pleasure from your 'piece of engineering'. Best wishes... Gerry

Hi ,Just an email to say the Kool Drum has arrived safely (the post actually tried to deliver it yesterday (Wednesday), which was very quick indeed, but I was out at the time). I've been playing it this afternoon and am very pleased with it... the green finish is great too and I'm glad I chose that colour!

Many thanks for your great service and excellent communication and for making a really nice drum!


Salut, Ca y est, le Kool Drum est dans mon salon et fait tout vibrer, c'est génial!

Mes premières impressions sont très bonnes, je te tiendrais au courant de l'avancement des choses de toutes façons, on doit commencer les répétitions fin juin!

Merci, à bientôt!



j'ai bien recus le kool drum ,il me plait beaucoup , je suis tres content, le premier contact est asser speciale  mes main commencer deja un peu a se debrouiller , il a un tres joli son un tres joli finission jai rien a redire vraiment je suis 200% satisfais :) merci pour votre lettre avec les instructions

amicalement Jeremy

Hi ,Well that was fast. I received the Kool Drum today. Sounds lovely.

Many Thanks,


Got It! It sounds great!


salut ,j'espère que ça va bien pour toi

 je ne sais pas si tu continues à fabriquer des cool drums en tout cas ça plaît aux gens ,,,& ça me fait du bien

je l'intègre ds un spectacle pour enfants & en joue un peu partout ,,, à la plage , à l'apéro , j'ai donné ton adress-mail à une maman qui voulait en offrir un à son fiston ,,,

ciao                                       ronan

Merci beaucoup.

Je suis rentré de vacances cette nuit et je le trouve à mon retour, génial!!!.

A bientôt au détour d’une scène j'espère



I received your package today!

you have created a fabulous drum, I want it really one me too,

I can not wait ! can you make one also for me with all your heart? ehehe

If is possible I would like my in purple.

This scale is perfect also for me, I have already made the payment, let me know if all is ok,

my friend love it so much, is mad with happiness

Thank you again, Love,


Jai bien recu la bete !!!! Apres 2 h dessus mon diagnostic est le suivant : Génial !

Tres beau boulot en tout cas et en le n*51 est un de mes chiffre preferé alors je suis aux anges !!!!

Je tenvoie mes enregistrement des kis sont fait !!!!

POrte toi bien !


 Kool Drum bien reçu !

Je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de me pencher dessus mais l'objet est super et les premiers sons magnifiques !

Merci bcp.



Mon Kool Drum attendait sagement à la poste, mais impossible d'aller le chercher avant fermeture!

Je viens de le ramener chez moi aujourd'hui, je l'ai testé et le son est génial!

Je pense que moi frêre serra ravi de son cadeau!

Merci et bonne continuation!


Bonjour J'ai déjà reçu le Kool Drum ! Je n'ai pas résisté à l'essayer, et j'adore !

Quant à la couleur, en vrai c'est très joli en fait !

Merci beaucoup

Bonjour ,Ce message pour te dire que j'ai bien récupéré mon Kool Drum n°63 et t'en remercie vivement.

C'est de loin pas encore de la grande musique, mais en tout cas je m'éclate bien.

Tout de bon, et joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année si on ne se recontact pas d'ici là.


I received the Kool Drum! The sound is amazing, other worldly even. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you. The Kool drum is nothing like I have ever heard before and it was worth every penny/cent. If more people heard your work I am sure you wouldn't be working out of your house anymore. Thank You!



Since the first kool drum was created in 2008, they have been sold all around the world.

Countries include; Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Venezuela, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Switzerland,Ireland, UK, Scotland and of course, France.

Below are some comments from happy customers.

hand crafted quality steel tongue drums