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hand crafted quality steel tongue drums

We discovered the tongue drum, hank drum and tank drum family in 2008 and decided to develop our own version, the kool drum. After many prototypes, we were satisfied with the result and have now sold the classic kool drum all around the world.

Although premium quality recycled gas bottles were selected, some bottles can be as much as 60 years old, and we tried to bring out their individual personality. The steel was often dented, rusty and weak. It was a labour of love...      To ensure a uniform quality and to find a suitable grade of steel we contacted a gas bottle manufacturer who, after some months of negotiation agreed to make us the blanks that we now use.

     They are marked out, very carefully, cut using thin blades on an angle grinder, welded and polished. Each note has its edges rounded to ensure maximum comfort when playing by hand.

     Precision tuning is guaranteed by using a high quality tuner and is achieved in several stages.

     We add our own exclusively designed attenuator which dampens unwanted vibrations and keeps the sound of each note clear and resonant. We have opted for a shorter sustain which has improved intelligibility and dissonance between notes.

     For the nova we have sourced a great new range of water based metallic paints and combined with a range of tints this gives us an infinite variety of options.

     For the classic we use high quality metallic paint from Germany in a colourful, fruity flavours.

     We finish each kool drum with a hard-wearing high gloss varnish leaving a smooth, pleasant surface to touch, inside and out.