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Whether your interest  is   music,  teaching,  healing,  well-being, theatre, special needs  or just fun...


                                                the kool drum is for you.

Scales are  ‘consonant’ so that all the notes sound harmonically good together.

The layout of the notes makes it easy to play from high to low,

(or low to high) , alternating each hand.

This layout has the effect of  creating the necessary harmonics in adjacent notes, further enhancing the sound.

The kool drum has its own exclusive attenuator, which dampens unwanted vibrations. Combined with precision tuning, this allows the pure sound of the notes to shine through in perfect harmony, unlike many other ‘tank drums’, which can be muddy and clangy.

Playing the kool drum is as easy or complicated as you want it to be.

From expert musicians to young children, everyone can create beautiful music.

Just place the kool drum on a cushion or on your lap and tap the notes with the pads of your fingers and thumbs or with the mallets provided.


The resonant frequencies of the kool drum are similar to those of the human body, creating sympathetic vibrations popular with healers and teachers.

To protect and carry your kool drum we have created a bag with both a shoulder strap and a comfortable rubber handle. The bag consists of a heavy duty nylon shell lined with synthetic fur and incorporating a hard wearing 360° zip. There is  also a cushion included so that you can play your kool drum on any surface, and a pocket to carry your mallets and accessories.    




hand crafted quality steel tongue drums